09 December 2010

The times, they are a changin'

I am writing this sitting in a hotel room in New York City. An airport hotel room. Classy. I was only supposed to be in said hotel room for about 8 hours. But instead, this is where I will call 'home' for the next 3 nights. At least. 

You see, I am moving to Haiti as an aid worker with World Vision. Which negated me flying through NYC from London to get there. But half an hour before I left my lovely London house for the last time, my old boss contacts me to tell me that the Haiti airport is closed. So I may not be able to fly there. Turns out there is election violence in Port-au-Prince, so no flights are going in or out. And I am stuck here in NYC. 

This is good for a few things - get to search out all the American foods I missed, I know people here so I can catch up with old friends. But - its cold here. I am moving to a tropical locality. I already mailed all my cold weather clothes home - so now I am stuck here having to just pile on the clothes. Thank God for leggings and knee high socks. And scarves. And I kinda feel like I am homeless now. In transit is probably a better description, but its still an odd sensation. To have someone ask, so where are you from, and for me to say, well, I am originally from LA, lived for the last year in London and am in process to move to Haiti. But right now, my address is an airport hotel right by JFK. 

Its weird being back in the US. It doesn't feel like home. Will it ever again? I don't know. 

These next few months are going to be difficult. They are going to be challenging. Heck, I am moving to a place where they riot over elections, where I had to get a cholera vaccine before I moved there (btw, the US doesn't have the vaccine yet. But the UK does. Thanks UK!). I will be away from lots of people I love and I have no idea what is happening after. But working as the Knowledge Management Officer for the Cholera Response will give me work experience previously unprecedented in my life. And hopefully will allow me to finally become conversational / workable in French. 

Let's see what happens. My times, they are a changin. But I will charge forward. And I will hopefully keep my experiences documented for all you :)

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