My name is Angela. 

I live where I live. Hopefully in many places over the course of the next few years.
In the past, I have lived in California, the UK and Haiti. 

I work in the humanitarian aid sector. I fell into this profession, and now cannot imagine doing anything else. I am no saint though. I do wrong things, say things badly, am too opinionated, too stubborn, and too impatient for my own good. But I love what I do. It has allowed me to get this far...

I have travelled to many places, but its not enough for me. Each culture / country is different and carries its own personality. I am inquisitive by nature, and travelling allows me to learn and experience people in a way that brings me great pleasure. 

I started this blog to write my experiences as I live life away from my family and closest friends. Everything written in it is my own opinion and photos are my own, unless otherwise specified. I try to be anonymous, unless I have the specific permission of individuals.

Recently, I decided to do a series of travel articles, since I have been able to visit many places. They will be published as written. All travel information can be found here
(ok, I don't have many...or any...but one day...)

I hope you enjoy reading! If you have any questions for me, I am definitely willing to answer! Just leave a comment...

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  1. Angie...you get your inquisitiveness from me!....Love; Dad