31 December 2010

Ringing in a New Year...

London Snow Day!!!
 Well, this is it. 2010 is over, 2011 is next up. First off, I would like to just add to everyone else who is saying right now "Dang, where did the year go!?" Buuuut at the same time, I did accomplish a lot this year. Quick overview:
 - Finished my MA
 - Graduated
 - Volunteered at the Refugee Council
 - While working at WV for most of it
 - Travelled to quite a few different countries. (counting the US and UK, its probably somewhere around 8ish...)
 - Developed a family away from home, adding yet even more people to the list of people I will forever miss, yet rarely see. (Weddings anyone? They always bring people together. K. Who's first?)
 - Realised that the guy that was kinda interesting at the beginning of the year is actually very amazing and am proud to be ending the year with him by my side (metaphorically, not physically unfortunately)
 - and the most recent...moved to Haiti. 

The Whole London Family. What a Large, Dysfunctional, Loving Group!

Yep, that's quite a lot to have gotten done. And I have many plans for 2011 shaping up as well. 
 - Coming home to LA for a visit in March
 - Hopefully bringing a nice Australian visitor with me ;)
 - Travelling to Oz for what is sure to be the first of  many times
 - Travelling around the Caribbean, hopefully eradicating this pale London skin I have developed
 - Working in Haiti attacking Cholera 
 - Figuring what is next on the cards. 10 bucks says I will ring in 2012 living in yet another country...

Australian Boyfriend :)
But to all of you who are kind enough to be interested in what is going on in my life, I just want to say, I love you and I am blessed that you are in my life. I wish you all the happiness and blessings this world can afford to give. xx

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  1. Happy New Year and hope your year is full of lots of great adventures! And by the way Erica Mutchler is getting married on April 17th. XOXOXO MOM