10 December 2010

Leaving things behind

In 2009, I made a commitment to myself and my career. I want to move at least every 2 years - whether that means moving jobs or locations or something, I decided that that was best for me and my career. First in that step was moving from my house in Pasadena back to my parents for a few months, then onto London. Now getting rid of a full apartments worth of stuff was hard work. And kinda sucked. But I decided that I need to make my life as mobile as possible. Right now, I pretty much have some bedroom furniture and just my books stored at my parents house.

I moved to London with 3 suitcases, and brought some more stuff over at Christmas. And of course I accumulated lots as I was living over there. 

As I was cleaning out my room for the move over here, I realised that I am going to have to become a master at just getting rid of things. And of not having emotional attachments to things. Its actually quite difficult.

I came over to the UK with a lot of stuff that meant a lot to me. Only to realise as I was packing things up that I need to only keep things with me that do NOT mean a lot to me. It makes things a lot easier to get rid of. And also I need to buy things cheaply. 

Even packing up all my stuff in London, I had to make major decisions that its easier to throw/give away and buy new things than to cart everything around. Not the cheapest option, but the easiest. Shoes, clothes, coats, jewellery - all items that were left in London and will need to be rebought as I need them...

So as I said yesterday, I am completely unprepared for staying in NYC for a week (what it is going to be now...I leave no earlier than Tuesday). Good thing as I was walking around, that I decided to buy a cheap coat (thanks H&M sale!) and cheap boots (thanks Payless!). Since it is decidedly NOT cold in Haiti, I may have to leave them behind. Or bin them in Haiti. 

This is now a part of my life now. For the next few years, as I fulfil my commitment to myself, I will be leaving things behind. Just gotta make it work.

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