01 April 2013

2 months on

It has been almost 2 months since my arrival here in Nairobi. 

I think I am almost at the stage where I am stopping to compare everything with Haiti. 

At first, of course, it was an easy thing to do - both developing countries, both have struggles and challenges, both have a large expat community. 

Gorgeous Kenya - the Great Rift Valley
But culturally, the similarities stop. Kenyans are not Haitians. Yes, both are politically informed and politically motivated. But they are each their own.

Heck, every individual is each their own. 

I left Haiti in early December 2012. It was time to go. I was sad of course; I knew I would miss it (I still miss aspects of it), but I also knew that it was time for something new - a new experience, a new scene. 

So, Kenya it turned out to be. 

And every day, I know this is the right place for me at this moment. It's kinda awesome to have that feeling. 

Now, 2 months in - the majority of which we have been restricted to Nairobi due to the ongoing elections, and I am starting to feel more comfortable in my role, more comfortable in my house, more comfortable with friends. 

It is still a work in progress - what I like to call growing pains - but Nairobi is becoming home. And its not a bad home, to be sure. 

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