08 March 2013

Mornings in Hibernation

We have been in 'hibernation' ...

** Side note - 

Someone asked me this week what is the difference between hibernation and lockdown. 
My best response was that when we are in lockdown serious s*** is going on outside - we have to stay inside to be safe. Hibernation is more to do with monitoring the situation from a known location to see what happens. 
Anyway, I think that's the difference. 

Now. Back to today's main programming.

We have been in 'hibernation' now pretty much all week. Yesterday we went into the office. Wednesday, we were allowed to leave the premises. Which I did just because I could. 

But since it has now been almost 7 days straight of being home (counting the weekend), I have gotten myself into a pretty nice habit. 


my 'office' 
In the mornings, I stay in my pjs for as long as I can. I wake up early while it is still cool, get myself a yummy Kenyan coffee, open my computer and read the news. And start working. Emails and writing and such. 

And eventually, say around 11am, I will get myself together, get dressed, get some food and move to my desk. And continue working. 

This is going to be a difficult habit to give up when we head back into the office. 

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