19 September 2009

white people + rap = hilarity

I just got home from seeing White Lies, Girls Aloud, Jay-Z and Coldplay at Wembley stadium.

(quick side note: all of them were awesome! particularly coldplay in the pouring rain, with the man in front of me whinging about the rain and then whinging when it stopped because it changed the atmosphere...and using the word whinging in a sentence...)

I was struck by a moment of hilarity during the Jay-Z part of the show.

Now, I am in London, England - which is full of English people...the majority happen to be white (at least at the concert).

Jay-Z, on the other hand, is a Black American man from New York City.

I wondered if I was the only person who fould it quite hilarious that a bunch of white men got so thrilled to 'bouce' their hands and bodies up and down, acting hardcore, while Jay-Z sang...sorry rapped It's a Hard-Knock Life.

oh the irony.

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