16 September 2009

Cheers London

I moved to London this last weekend. Wow. Coming back to St. Pancras Station this morning - returning from my trip to Paris - I came home. Not back to London; for a short holiday in England; just a quick stopover...No, this is where I live now. Indefinitely.
After watching the beautiful sunset displayed in the photo, I am now sitting in my very draft, oh so English flat contemplating all the errands I have to run tomorrow. Daunting, but very exciting.
And it just makes my mind go crazy with thoughts:
  • There are more Southern Africans here than I remember. I hope it leads to some good conversations
  • My room is super tiny, but oh so perfectly sized for me.
  • I climbed out the window to our "smoker's balcony" to view the sunset. In the US a balcony without a door to it would just not make sense. But here...perfectly normal
  • I am living with 4 kiwis (only 2 are here at the time, and a Italian woman subletting for a few more weeks) and I am having more trouble understanding them than I thought I would.
  • Many times over the last few days I have wanted to throw up over the fact that this is now home. My current address is no longer in the US. I think it just feels unreal.
  • For a BIG transition, this was really not too difficult. It had its moments of course, but this all ended up so smooth. Guess I am in the right place.
  • Chavs just don't do it for me. And WAGs annoy me. Give me a punk or a mod anyday.
  • I still have yet to hit up the pub. Maybe tomorrow?
I kind of like that word indefinitely. It leaves room for so much to happen. And I am excited to see where life takes me.

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  1. Glad to hear it went so smooth. Indefinitely is a big would especially when it comes to home... I have not found the place outside of CA that I would that would on yet. Hope the pub, and sounds like you found one was good. Lon