01 July 2009


a couple of weekends ago, i attended la fete de la musique. This day, celebrated on the summer solstice, is a day filled with music. i was lucky enough to live in a city that celebrated this occasion by hosting concerts in venues throughout their old town.

so, armed with my plastic bottle filled with diet coke and malibu rum, i walked (gotta stay safe!) down to our old town to enjoy some music. Being the person i am, i of course researched the acts prior to my attendance, and i went with the intention of seeing 2 or 3 different individuals/bands.

at the end of the day, i realised something. i had spent the last 6 hours traversing from culture to culture to culture. From the French singer/songwriter, to the Caribbean Blues artist, to the indie rock female-fronted band, and back to the chicano rock act - all while reading a socio-anthropological study of the English, i had enjoyed a myriad of different cultures. And the interesting part was that i felt like a piece of me fit with each one of them.

i feel like not many people in this world are what I call "culturally ambiguous". When i use this term i mean someone who floats easily from culture to culture and does not feel out of place, or more specifically, does not look it.

i took a mexican american friend to a British pub a few weeks prior to this day, and later laughed at how out of place he looked and how awkward he acted. cultural ambiguity is an interesting concept.

i have had the opportunity to visit Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and of course have grown up in North America with its chicano (mexican american) sub-culture. of course i am not fluent in any of these cultures...not even the American one, but in each location, i fell in love with bits and pieces of it.

i am dedicating this blog to my intriguing interactions with different cultures on my quest to continue becoming more culturally ambiguous.

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