12 May 2013

Slainte Ireland

So, in the last few months, I have spent an unexpected amount of time in Ireland. As in, I now feel like I know Dublin as home, have a pub where the bar staff know my name, can make recommendations as a local not a tourist, have the places that have a story behind it that we can keep revisiting, and even attended an Irish Catholic mass (oh Lordy, that Rosary!)... Well, I work for an Irish NGO even. 

Oh and then there's the time that I sang in a pub. In front of people. 

My choice of song? Well, between all the pressure of choosing, not being able to remember anything and what just pops out of my head, I ended up with...

The American National Anthem. 

Seriously. I even stood with my hand on my heart.

And then the families, cousins, aunts and uncles...well, they laughed. And joined in. Some even stood up with me.

And the best part?

They knew all the words too :)

Well, anyway, since I have spent so much time there, and since I have come to love it like a home and since I think it will be a while before we get another visit in, I am sharing some photos that I took over my time there. 

It really is a gorgeous country. 

Go visit if you can. 

Glendalough, Wicklow
Glendalough, Wicklow
Glendalough, Wicklow

I like to call it the land of Rainbows
Eastern Coast, just one hour south of Dublin
It was spring when I was last there.
Well, we would call it Spring...Irish call it Summer. And then we got kicked off the grass. 

Just your average Saturday afternoon
Hiking Croagh Patrick, Co. Mayo (West of Ireland)

All I see here are TAN LEGS!!! (which don't exist anymore)

Westport, Co. Mayo

Westport, Co. Mayo

Westport House, Co. Mayo (British, not Irish though... reminds some (i.e. me) of Mr. Darcy
Howth, Co. Dublin (North end of the DART)

When in...Dublin...at an Ireland Six Nations rugby game...at a pub
Slainte, Ireland. And thanks for all the memories.

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  1. Those are beautiful photos! I have total northern-latitude-light envy, not to mention my own great (surf) travel memories of Ireland.