10 March 2012

Catch Phrase

President Martelly, aka Sweet Mickey, just can't miss Carnival!
Last time I was in Haiti, my catch phrase, or in this case catch word, for Haiti was 'ridiculous.' Everything that happened was so out of this world, unlogical, changing, it was ridiculous. 

Well, Haiti hasn't changed. That is to say it hasn't changed to become unchanging and logical. But my catch phrase has changed. 

Now, whenever anything happens, my response to it is 'This is Haiti.'*

So, when there are 2 earthquakes in one week, and people in PaP freak out and sleep on the streets?

This is Haiti. 

When there are speculations about political unrest?

This is Haiti.

When 2 senators resign over the dual-citizenship debacle?**

This is Haiti.

When the president decides on Wednesday that for the first time in however long, Haiti will move to Daylight Savings, the following Sunday 

This is Haiti.

When work is let out early and NGOs go on lockdown, because the president has to speak - and his speech ends up being just him showing his 8 passports?

This is Haiti. 

When field based instutional donors move the deadline for their funding proposals forward a month and a half!?

This is Haiti.

When you are never sure if human rights are being abused or protected?

This is Haiti. 

When the woman doesn't have the cell phone you want to purchase in stock, and says that she will have it this week, but wants you to pay for it before you receive it and come back to pick it up later in the week (yeah, right, like I would do that!)?  

This is Haiti.

When you get to watch a lightning storm in the distance? 

This is Haiti. 

And oh what an adventurous place it is. :)  

* This has a story - I was out to dinner with colleagues at a nice, local restaurant, when we were approached by the owner asking if we would mind being filmed for a Haiti Ministry of Tourism video they were filming. As a part of this, the videographer would like to have one person look into the video and say, 'This is Haiti' Well, that person ended up being me. Keep watching their website to see if I show up on there! (I haven't yet). 

** There is a current debate about the President as to whether he is Haitian or not. Constitutionally, he must hold only a Haitian passport, as Haiti does not recognise dual citizenship. If he has 2, his presidency will become null and void. The president only commented this week on it, when another group of senators signed. Previously other ministers have resigned and the Prime Minister was pretty much forced out. We will see what becomes of it. Only time will tell. 

*** This is also the Catch Phrase of the Ministry of Tourism. But they mean it in a good way:

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  1. Well, I say....that's my Angie! Love; Dad