09 April 2011

Gunshots and Shouting

*started writing this on Monday night...never finished it, but wanted to post it anyway. sorry*

Tonight in Haiti, I heard many gunshots and lots of shouting. But it was not what you think. There were no riots and no fights. No, it was the noise of a people who are happy. Excited that the man they wanted was just announced as the likely new candidate of Haiti. A singer, a man with no experience. A man who wants change. A man who makes promises. 

I do not know what to think about this. The Haitians on the street are happy. But who knows if this will be good for the country.

Sweet Micky Martelly,
the Carnival singer in one of his more pensive moments...
One thing to be proud of - Haiti has a democratically elected president. And even though I question how he will lead this country, the people have spoken. 

Sweet Micky, I hope you will be able to lead Haiti to somewhere new and better. This is what I want for this country.

And if the Fugees do play at your inauguration party, can I have tickets?

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